Weird Day

Today was not a great day, but it was okay.

This morning, Allyn and I went to my 28 week appointment. Allyn tries to make it to every appointment, but it doesn’t always work out. However, this morning, everything was working out marvelously. It even snowed last night! Allyn hates snow, but I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t snowed much this season- we’re looking at a not-so-white Christmas this year. As such, the sight of a light dusting of snow this morning made me very giddy. The meteorologist said that it won’t accumulate at all, so I needed to enjoy it before the sun had a chance to melt it all. Allyn and I pile into the car, he with coffee and a cookie, and myself with neither- as I had my glucose screening coming. We cleared the snow off the car by hand, because we couldn’t find the ice scraper, not that it’d matter much soon.





Into the doctor’s office we went, and I was so tickled to see the snow-covered lot surrounding me. The receptionist didn’t quite hear me when I said that I needed to start my glucose test, but the nurse soon remedied that (after I dropped a few hints on the matter) so we only had to wait an additional 20 minutes longer than planned. The doctor did say that the baby’s heartbeat was a little low, at 130 bpm, but we’re certain that it was simply because our baby likes to sleep in the mornings. I chugged the sugary drink down, while Allyn laughed at the faces I made, and waited the hour. After my blood was drawn, we left the office to run errands.

And the parking lot was covered in snow! It had snowed a good inch and a half while we were in the office. So much for no accumulation! So now we needed to clear a bunch of snow off the car, by hand, and ease our car out of its entrenched parking space. We made time for a snowball fight in the midst of the process, however. I love seeing Allyn try to embrace the whimsy of winter.

“Some Accumulation”

The drive to the bank and the seamstress was a little squirrelly, but not too bad. The seamstress made a mistake on the jacket we’d left, so while she fixed it- I located the ice-scraper and Allyn walked next door to the shop and got Taco Bell. I hate Taco Bell right now, but I was quite hungry and too cold to argue. After all was settled, we skidded and fish-tailed our way home, almost rear-ending a pickup with much better stopping power than my Caliber. When we got home, Allyn and I decided to walk to our corner gas station for soda and snacks. Allyn lamented the cold but neither of us wanted to be on the road while they were still covered with the combination of fresh packing snow and road slush. We got in another snowball fight on the way up and I jumped in the unblemished snow on the way back, Allyn laughed and called me a 4- year-old, and told me that I looked like a penguin, waddling about. He really tries to have fun with the season, for my sake. Unfortunately, the trip to the gas station took up more time than we expected, and made Allyn fall behind on getting ready for work. In a rush, without being able to pack a lunch, he headed to the carpool waiting out in the snow, hoping he wouldn’t have to freeze his toes off on the ‘grind-line’.

Now enjoying some time alone, with the dogs barking incessantly at the neighbors and the snow, and the cats fighting for attention, I get a call from the nurse with my glucose test results. I had elevated levels and need to return on Monday for the 3-hour glucose test. Fast for 8-hours beforehand, and don’t take anything but my prenatal vitamins. The fasting part doesn’t bother me, but I am not looking forward to worrying about the prospect of gestational diabetes all weekend.

Not the greatest day, but still pretty nice.

And Allyn didn’t have to work grind-line. Thankfully.

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